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I'm not too clear on how to interpret what the manual states I need in terms of power supply power specifications.

My system "works," but after buying a new video card (ATI Radeon HD 4850) and then a new power supply (OCZ GameXStream 700GXSSLI - 700W), I had an issue where I pressed the power button and it turned on for half a second, then powered off. I've also been getting some graphical game glitches (World of Warcraft).

From my motherboard's manual (page 2-32):

"To support an AMD Dual-Core CPU, make sure that the PSU can provide at least 16 A and 19 A peak on the +12V_2 lead."

Image of sticker from the PSU I bought:,17-341-002-15.jpg,17-341-002-16.jpg,17-341-002-17.jpg,17-341-002-18.jpg,17-341-002-19.jpg,17-341-002-20.jpg,17-341-002-21.jpg,17-341-002-22.jpg,17-341-002-23.jpg,17-341-002-13.jpg&S7ImageFlag=0&WaterMark=1&Item=N82E16817341002&Depa=0&Description=OCZ%20GameXStream%20OCZ700GXSSLI%20700W%20Power%20Supply

As you can see, the +12V2 is 18A.

Is this ok? Or does it need to be 19A?

OS: Windows XP SP3
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  1. The OCZ Gamestream is a very capable PSU. It should power your system very well. The 12v output of the unit will make adjustments where the12v rails or 12v output is concerned.
  2. As stated by badge, it should be fine, buit you may have a faulty unit. What was your previous PSU? Re-connect it and see if system powers up OK, if so , RMA the OCZ. You have connected all required power leads to the video card?

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I am using the system now. I got it to work again after an hour. I don't know what fixed it, but what I did was two-fold: unplugged the DVD drive (less power being used?), and I switched my video card to the PCIE slot #2. The first slot was hovering over some other crap. Maybe it was too cluttered and preventing airflow. Now it's in its own area of the motherboard.
  4. I have a psu that would turn on and off after a second and it just went friggin crazy on me and (possibly) fried 800$ worth of parts (see my post above this one). So i would return/ rma the psu so you don't have to go through what im going through :)
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