I have VDROP on E7500

Hello! I overclocked my intel e7500 to 3.8 GHZ, I had set the vcore voltage to 1.375 in the bios. then I opened the cpuz and it showed me a vcore voltage of 1.344 and 1.328 always changing. when I did an occt:cpu test it showed only 1.328 and did not change except of one time for a fraction of a second and then returned to a steady 1.328 in load. as well as I know this called a vdrop. My question is: is it dangerous for the cpu? should I return to a default clock and abort the OC? or ehat should I do?

My specs are:
Corsair 2X2 GB 800@830 MHZ
Seagate 500 gb
CM extreme power plus 600W
case: cm690

My voltage in the bios are:

vcore: 1.375
CPU termination: 1.3
CPU reference: 0.805 (stock)

(G)MCH: 1.3
ICH: 1.550 (stock)

DRAM: 2.00

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  1. Vdroop is normal. Some newer boards will have protection against it, but most older boards don't. As long as your OC is stable, I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. thenks a lot! I WAS worried
  3. Vdroop is normal. It's supposed to helps prevent crashes from overvolting when a high load is removed quickly.
  4. So can I continue the overclock a little to 4 GHZ and see if it will be stable? I'l need to higher the voltage tought...
  5. You can, just make sure your voltage will be high enough at load. There is a way to mod your board to almost get rid of vDroop, but it's not the easiest to find. I just googled around and couldn't find anything on one.

    Do you have a multimeter, and know your way around a circuit board?
  6. Yes we have a multimeter, but I think I'll just improvise the voltage so that it would be good and as you said if its stable it not an issue to worrie about and its safe. thanks a lot! :)
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