Acer aspire one..screwed up!!

Hello,my cousin asked me to change her mini-acer OS from Windows 7 to XP like I did on my own acer.I made a bootable USB memory with the setup files using Win2Flash, and started to install XP. I formatted the C:[ACER] partition and continued with the setup. I realized something went wrong because after the first reboot, it showed an error that says that some files are missing. I tried to recover it all with ALT+F10 option but after the process is done, the partition remains intact, with the same XP error. I can't pay that netbook!!! and I can't get a Optical device... What Can I do? Thanks in advance
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  1. Make a bootable win 7 usb from MS tools, and reinstall windows 7. Or buy a USB optical and return it when your done.
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