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What's as fast as SATA for external RAID?

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April 30, 2010 11:50:47 PM

I'm thinking of expanding my storage via an external RAID 1. My internal RAID 1 is SATA. Easily available interfaces are Gigabit Ethernet, High-speed USB 2.0, and Firewire 400. Which of these is likely to give me the best performance for an external RAID 1, and how close is its performance likely to be to my internal SATA RAID 1? Thanks.
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May 3, 2010 3:16:13 AM

Unless you're using top of the line SSD's in your 'internal' RAID 1 you are getting less that Gigabit Ethernet speeds. That being said their are some low end NAS devices which will not perform as well as your internal Raid.

Firewire will push plenty for the type of thing you are talking about.

Let's suppose you can move a file at 50 MBytes/s with you're current setup. Gigabit is 1000Mbits/s or 125Mbytes/s. Do a search for NAS benchmarks on Tom's site and you'll find a number of the low end devices handling about 20Mbytes/s on a gigabit lan. Is this acceptable? Then buy a Dlink DNS 232. If you want comparable performance to what you have in the box, then look toward those HP EX series devices which I really like (on paper as I do not own one but have seen some great deals of late).

I'm attempting to build a FreeNas box with an i3 530. My thinking is that this is the ultimate Gigabit LAN nas solution. Sub mesa is a Tom's guru who has some information on building a ZFS file server using FreeBSD 8.0 (Freenas currently uses and older version of freeBSD which does not support ZFS? or maybe it does and I have not figured it out). Check these forums and you can learn alot. Or, buy a NAS device and put a smile on your face. Either way... good computing.

OMG Sub Zero? Did I say that? Must be 25 years ago that I played a weird BBS game (pre-internet style BBS) that Sub Zero came from. Flashback city. Good thing I'm lame enough to read my own post again.
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May 3, 2010 7:07:50 PM

I stand corrected. Firewire 400 maxes at 49.3 MBytes/s anb USB 2.0 can actually push 60MBytes/s

That changes things. Enter the cheaper (or fancier) USB 2.0 options or even the DROBO.

I still like the NAS. Also, you can put it on a gigabit switch and share those files with other computers.

So... theoretically any of these devices you speak of COULD push more or less the same as your RAID 1 sata spinners.

Check the chart at the bottom of this SATA page on wiki.