Is my overclocking ok for E2180 ? :

Hey like to ask whether is my overclocking alright or can it be better ?

Thanks :)
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  1. Regardless of CPU (since I am mostly an AMD guy) 40% overclock is good extension of value. As for acceptable votlages, I don't know enough about these chips to say, and not motivated enough to check hwbot or google for more information.
  2. try these settings, which i used for about a year, worked best for me
    vcore=1.28 or max 1.3
    Dram freq=667mhz
    NOTE= my mobo is a G33 chip ASUS P5K-VM, now using e5200 on it and enjoying 4ghz OC on 1.42v
  3. Looks pretty good.
    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
  4. Hello
    My actual OC is the following

    FSB 300 with an +0.1V on FSB --> 50%OC
    SpeedStep enabled to switch between 6x and 10x multipliers so it switches between 1.8 GHz idle and 3.00GHz on load
    FSB:DRAM = 1:1
    memory latencies 5-5-5-15

    I haven't touched the other voltages
    micro 1.26V
    memory 1.9V

    My board is an BIOSTAR G41-M7, and I have 2GB DDR2 800 which can run at 400 MHz, of course my micro is the E2180 which is now running at 30ºC Idle and 50ºC on full load, I don't know to convert it to Farenheit

    I wonder if there is a better OC who let me chose 400 MHz on bus or the better to change my FSB:DRAM to 3:4, I haven't found how to do this at any place, I don't want 4GHz I just want the top performance I can get with this setup
  5. Hey I've tried with another setup which is the following:

    Vcore +0.1V
    VFSB +0.1V
    VNB +0.1V
    FSB 333MHz
    Multiplier x10

    This give me 3.33Ghz in the micro with 1:1 sincronous DRAM DDR2-667
    It works at 25ºC Idle and 65ºC at full load
  6. Not bad. You should be able to hit 3Ghz on the E2180 however... (assuming good cooling).

    @BishopWolf: 400x10 (4Ghz) is pretty hard to do on most of the E2180 with out WCing or DIce/LN2. Don't warry about FSB:RAM. This really doesn't have much of real world performance gain/hit for 99% of users.
  7. Thank you Sniper, but I was thinking more like a 400x8 (3.2GHz) setup, I don't expect to hit 4 GHz with this micro, or with any other 775 micro without water cooling.

    Just to Update: the 333X10 setup was unstable after 1 week of full use (I really demand my micro), I must decrease the multiplier to x9 so I back to 3GHZ and with this new setup the Vcore is back on 1.2-1.3 V again (default), This new setup are been working for about 15 days without any problems and it has never reached 60ºC.
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