W2K & Vista Compatable ATX Motherboards?

I have thousands of dollars worth of software that runs on my old Windows2000 Gateway from around 7 or 8 years ago,
and serves my purposes just perfectly. However, it's motherboard's capacitors are shot and I need to put together a new system whose MB is fully supportive of W2K (and preferably Vista if someday I wish to set up a dual boot or upgrade etc). To clarify, I'm not trying to keep my old box; I have a friend who can put together a new set-up for me from scratch. However, we both have become very frustrated in finding an ATX MB that is FULLY compatible with both OS's. We found a couple (for reasonable prices, but <boom> they are out of stock everywhere we look.) For me, a reasonable price for a motherboard is $200-ish, but not $500. I've exhausted Intel's website & offerings, but maybe someone versed in AMD could help... even if you can just offer a link to an AMD comparison chart that clearly shows which motherboards FULLY support W2K (and hopefully, Vista). Thanks!!!
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  1. I am also looking for a MB that still fully supports W2K.

    Our company still rolls out W2K cause they don't want to pay for hundreds of XP licenses.
  2. We finally decided on the Intel D975XBX2, although we had issues with the onboard audio. For any reasonable price, we had to go to eBay, where one shows up about once a week.
    Also, see this spreadsheet of compatibilities:

    Hope this link helps.
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