SSD with Hard Drive side by side

My question is can I run my OS and the Programs on a ssd and then use the Platters for storage ? I currently built a pc and using a 500gb,160gb and a 1Tb harddrive
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  1. Yes you can. You will have to look up how to partition the disks in a manner that would save data to your hdd's and load prgm's onto the ssd. I do not have knowledge of how to do this. If you have w7 premium or higher you should be fine since w7 is pretty ssd friendly.
  2. You can do that with any OS. I have OS running on SSD and datas on secondary HDD. Once you set up the OS (i.e. Windows 7), just open up the explorer and move the data folder location to secondary Hard drive (by right clicking the folder, choose property, move location)

    by doing this, I was able to save all my datas when I had to format my HDD to reinstall OS.
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