Overclocking CPU Core Fail Error HELP DIAGNOSE

Hi Guys , So here's my hardware
MB: Gigabyte 945GCM-S2C
CPU: E4600 (stock heatsink) @ 2.7ghz Stable
Ram: 2GB at 255mhz 1:1

So heres my setting I did to bump it to 3ghz.
CPU Freq: 250
PCI Express Freq: Auto
System Memory Multiplier: 2.00
Dimm Voltage: Normal, tried + 0.02 ( Got blue Screen Of death)
FSB Over Volt: + 0.3v
CPU Volt: 1.3625V Load @ 60-68C

So I ran OCCT and after 5 Minute My CPU core #0 ( core1) failed but Core# 1(core2) proceed on.
Here are some pictures. Also I ran Prime95 and same result, Core 1 failed and Core 2 proceed on.
Prime95 says Worker # 1 thread Fail

So can you guys help me solve this problem? I can run 3ghz stock cooling no problem, But how do I overcome this Core error? Right Now I am running E4600 @ 2.7GHZ Stable on auto volt settings and temps are fine.

Also can someone explain the blue screen of death with E4600 @ 3ghz? The MB said it supports 1333 FSB by overclocking.
Here is E4600 @ 3GHZ with CPU-Z-> http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1106425
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  1. :BUMP: need help please.
  2. I think I SOLVED it by increasing my Vcore.
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