GeForce 9800 GTX+ vs Radeon HD 4850

Is the difference in these cards worth the difference in price?

Radeon HD 4850

GeForce 9800 GTX+
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  1. The HD 4850 is the better card, overall. So no, the 9800GTX+ is definitely not worth the extra $
  2. Both nice cards. The 4850 is a little faster than the 9800gtx in many benchies.
  3. The 9800GTX is an 8800GTS (G92). So think of 9800GTX+ as being an overclocked 8800GTS.

    The 4850 should be the better card.
  4. also you don't have to go through the rebate proccess :na: the 4850 is better choice
  5. Those two cards pretty much trade blows with the 4850 being a little faster as Turtle1 said. My only grip with the 4850 is that most models are single slot solution which is not the case with the 9800 GTX+. This helps keep things a little cooler. IF you're willing to spend a little more some, you should get a none reference 4850 equipped with a better cooler. I know HIS has few models that seem interesting. The 4850 has a tendency to run hot so a better cooling system is certainly a good idea beside the fact that the heat get expelled from case.
  6. the 4850 is better at Higher Resolutions as well, just an FYI...
  7. Thanks a bunch.
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