Ripping a Blu-Ray

Does anyone know if it is possible to rip a Blu-Ray with just a DVD Burner/Player?
Cuz, I got the AVATAR that comes with the DVD and the Blu-Ray, and if i can rip it on to my PC, I can then hook my PC up to my TV to watch in full 1080p
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    no you cannot rip the high definition version without a bluray drive.
  2. crap... well thanks for the answer :)
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  4. Yeah, a blu-ray drive is needed. Still a blu-ray ripper is also needed. I always use Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper which can help me rip Avatar DVD and Blu-ray Disc to my PC. (At the moment, rare similar tool can handle Avatar Blu-ray Disc) The whole process is claimed to maintain original quality with reasonable speed.
    Here is a tips showing how to rip your Avatar dvd and Blu-ray Disc to your PC:
  5. Thanks for the advice :D
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