OH NOES! psu switching on and off!(help!)

All right, so i was switching out some ram in my pc and i switched the psu off and i put the ram in. I switched the psu back on and i immediately noticed some "noise" in my speaker system, it wasnt very loud, but its a VERY good system (800watt rms mcintosh, 2 15inch subs) and i had it turned up quite loud, so i noticed a quite audible popping/ hiss when i turned the psu back on. It stopped so i turned my compy on and it started rapid fire turning on and off! :ouch: i ripped the cord from the back of the psu and looked down to see the the plug was about halfway into my power strip :ouch: . I put it in all the way, plugged my psu back in, and turned on the computer, only to have it rapid fire turn on and off again! :sweat: Now i really have a sick feeling in my stomach because it would REALLY suck if i just fried my month old mobo and core2quad :cry: . I haven't turned the computer back on again and im really scared to. Please does anybody have any idea whats going on here?! If my pc isnt already FUBAR then i wouldn't want to make it that way by turning it on again!

P.S. my psu is an antech earthwatts 650.

EDIT: i would like to add that the psu has been acting a tad crazy before, like if it was unplugged and i plugged it back in it would, when i turned my pc on, turn on for a second then switch back off. But my voltages where good and i wasn't having stability problems so i ignored it :(
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  1. Since you helped me out on my thread, let me take a whack at this one. My PSU turned on and off as well, but there was nothing as weird as what you describe.

    First I took all hardware out, aside from the RAM - removed video card, dvd-rom drive, hard drive. I powered up the computer to see if it would turn on (this is a test to see if the CPU, mobo, and PSU work). It did.

    Then I left the dvd-rom drive unplugged, and switched the video card to the other slot. This is how I'm running it now, and it seems to be fine.
  2. I just found another thread with some one with the EXACT same problem http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/202212-31-fans-surging-leds-flashing-e6700-struggling

    Thanks for the reply action, im gonna disassemble the whole rig and try the psu out with another computer.

    I should also mention that the computer is making a loud clicking noise, similar to when you turn it on, every time it "surges " .
  3. unless you smelled ozone, you are probably all right as far as components not being fried, other than maybe your PSU.

    If your PSU couldn't provide a consistent voltage to the mobo, most likely it never powered up so all you stuff should be ok.

    You can unplug your PSU from the mobo and ALL other devices and power it up if it has a power switch. If it powers up normally than this could mean something as innocent as a stuck fan can cause your PSU to go wacky so thats why I say unplug EVERYTHING. If it power up normally than, you can start plugging your main components back in until you find the fault.
  4. Well i just took my psu out of my computer and to my dismay, it rattled! :o . I turned it upside down and shook it vigorously and a dead moth fell out :na: . Actually a fan screw had found its way in there and the only way i could get it out was by taking every screw out of the psu (except for the one under the " warranty void if removed sticker " :D ) and cracking the psu open so it could fall out. With the screw out, i put the psu into my old p4 and it works! :bounce: . Im now gonna put it back into my main rig and start progressively plugging things into it (might take a while, ive got 17 fans :lol: ). Update if it all goes well (or if it fails).
  5. Well everything back together and works! that was quite a little adventure :)
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