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Just have a couple quick questions. I am looking into overclocking and making sure I understand everything before I get going so I don't ruin any hardware.

Here is my build, it has been running for 1 week now:

Intel i5-750 @ 2.66ghz (stock)
Hyper 212 Plus heatsink
4GB G.skill
Sapphire Radeon 5850 (stock speed)

Question 1: I have been watching HWMonitor, and have noticed that 2 of my cores like to stay at least 5C warmer than the other. For example, right now at idle:

Core 0: 33
Core 1: 28
Core 2: 33
Core 3: 28

Is this normal? Could my heat sink possibly not be seated properly and slightly leaning or something?

Question 2: I was looking around the BIOS and found an easy overclock, where you choose a speed and it auto sets everything for you. I chose 3.2Ghz, and bumped it up to 3.6, just to see if everything would still post and really to just give it a quick test. Everything booted up, seemed fine, but when I ran Prime95 the CPU temperature went from about 35C to 75C in a matter of 10 seconds or so. Which brings up the question again, could my heatsink possibly be not seated properly? Maybe the setting I chose used wacky voltages and that caused a problem?

Just looking for a heads up before I do the real deal! Thanks.

Edit: Just ran Prime95 for 30 mins (at stock CPU settings) and the highest I saw was 47C, with all cores being within 5C of each other. Does that seem like a pretty normal temperature?
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  1. What kind of thermal compound are you using? Did you apply enough?
    Applying too much isn't as bad as not applying enough.

    40c-50c on stock is within normal operations. 75C on 3.6 seems a little high but you said it was an auto overclock? That setting probably boosted more voltage than your CPU actually needed.
  2. I put on the thermal paste that came with my heatsink (I believe it came with that). I followed what it said on a guide I had read, and put a horizontal line from left to right about half the width of the CPU. Could it be too little, or maybe just needs time to settle in?
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    Coretemps vary like that. 5C difference is just fine. When it's 8-9-10 then you should redo the pasted/mounting.

    47C is very good.

    The auto overclock works but usually applies too much voltage. Your temps are just fine, so no reason not to try it. You should still learn the arcane way of real overclocking. I really like this guide.

    Keep your temps using RealTemp under 70C while load testing for long term life, 69C is fine. Your actual temps while gaming will be less than that.

    Prime 95 small ffts for 30 min.
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