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I just ordered an HIS HD 4670 for my e510.

I did all this research to make sure it was a good card, but I stupidly payed no attention to whether it would fit or not.

Looking at my case, it seems it wasn't, which is putting me in a pretty bad mood.

My question is, is there any possible way it CAN fit?
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  1. Did you really edit your post?

    Try again.
  2. if the 4670 cannot fit, then either you have an older motherboard that doesn't have any pcie 16x slots or your case is a mini itx case where as the motherboard can barely fit
  3. im confused by your qustion wowgamer.

    are you worried your case is too small, or that your mobo wont support your new upgrade? please be more specific
  4. Recent years computer all comes with PCIE so chances are, its the casing

    I know cause I have a god damn small casing. Mind you these days, casing are so short, even though it meets the medium size ATX spec, that's just the height. 4 CD bay, 2 floppy, 5 hard disk, yeah.. but the length of the case is pathetic.

    Unfortunately, no, you cannot fit the card in without changing the casing. 4650 is indeed a long card. You can't cut the card or so. I wouldn't say cutting out the hard disk bay to be a good idea too, lol.

    I changed my casing to ensure it can fit a 9800GTX+. Its the best option.
  5. The 4670 is not a long card. It is quite a bit shorter than a standard ATX motherboard in fact, which means that if the motherboard fits, so should the card.
  6. Bumping an old post because I'm in a similar situation.

    I also have a Dell E510 and I'm looking to buy the same HIS HD 4670 IceQ Turbo card. Were you able to fit the card? This looks like the best 4670 for the money so I'd really like to get it. If it won't fit, does anyone have any suggestions that will?

    My E510 is not a slim version and I haven't made any changes/upgrades to it yet. Thanks.
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