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Hey, I've seen and read alot of problems with the new nvidia 180 drivers, and a few posts on fixes by just rolling back to the old drivers, but I, along with a few others I see, now cannot roll back our drivers. The drivers I was using previously, 178.24, and older versions, nothing is working now.

I've done all the tricks I know, a few more I learned today by reading about all this, using driver sweeper, safe mode, cleaning registry, etc. and I still cannot get any version of nvidia drivers to work in Vista. I have a split hard drive, with XP on the other partition, and everything works fine when I boot into XP, so I know it's not hardware related.

If anyone has a solution to this, other than the delete/safe mode/clean, reinstall method, I know you'd be helping out a few of us that simply cannot get out setups working now.

All the gory details are in my previous post, just restating this in case someone has solved this.


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  1. Please list what the specific problem you are having, your system specs, the processes you've tried, etc.

    I've not had a single issue with the 180 drivers in XP of Vista 64.

    Give us some more info, and we'll do what we can.
  2. Friday, Dec 12th: Installed Nvidia 180.48 drivers. Worked great until Monday morning normal bootup.

    Monday, Dec 15th: Dual display setup now only worked with secondary monitor as primary, and primary not showing as connected. Tried to fix using settings inside Nvidia Control Panel, to no avail. Searched online, and saw others having same issue with this driver, with most people resolving it by uninstalling driver and reinstalling previous drivers.

    Tried that using every method I knew, and a few I learned, including safe mode with Driver Sweeper and Ccleaner to clean out old drivers and registry entries. Removal of old drivers worked fine, booted into Vista with primary display working fine, but of course, with no drivers installed, I could not setup dual display. I installed the drivers that I had previous to the 180, and had the same problems, with a new twist. Not only did the primary display not work, now the resolution was maxed out at 1280x1024 in Nvidia Control Panel.

    I have now tried removing and installing 6 different drivers sets from Nvidia, all the way back to the 160's, using both monitors, trying them together, one at a time, in each connection, and am now unable to get this issue resolved. Each time I change drivers, I am going into safe mode and using Driver Sweeper, etc, and making sure all old drivers are gone.

    I have split hard drive with XP on other half, and system works fine, so I know the hardware is fine. Very strange situation, and 3 different techs I've personally talked with are baffled as to why the previous drivers now have this issue.

    My hardware:
    Evga 8800 GTS 320MB,
    Win Vista Home Premium 32bit/Win XP Pro, all updated,
    EVGA nForce 680i LT SLI 775 A1 motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    4GB Kingston HyperX
    OCZ 850W PSU
    Maxtor 500GB HD

    Thanks for any help,

  3. mine works fine. Originally i was using ATItool to overclock my 7600GS, then i got the 178 drivers and it incompatiblised (:lol:) atitool... so i had to go into safe mode and uninstall it :lol:

    evga precision has worked fine ever since, and 180 was a breeze to install. If you are having any issues, download driversweeper, uninstall the old ones, go into safe mode, use driversweeper, reboot and install the NEW drivers. should have no issues with that.

    remnants of drivers can cause issues...
  4. As I stated, I've tried the driver sweeper/safe mode/new drivers method, and still cannot get it to work.

    Any other ideas?

  5. Are you just using driver sweeper or are you manually deleting the driver files from the system32 folder?
  6. I have tried both, and also checked files after using driver sweeper and found it actually missed 2 files.

    So I'm fairly confident that all the previous drivers have been removed, and I am now currently using the Vista 32bit OS without any nvidia drivers at all, just the generic windows drivers that load up after uninstalling drivers and rebooting.

    I'm really glad I put XP on this system as well, or I'd really be upset, as Vista is pretty useless without any graphics drivers.

    Thanks for any help,

  7. so XP drivers work and vista's dont? are you sure you dl'd the vista ones? :lol:
  8. Just to clarify, I haven't updated my XP drivers for a long time, XP works fine on very old drivers, 94.24, I believe.

    I only updated drivers on Vista, and yes, I thought that perhaps I used wrong driver set as well.
    But I've tried every available Vista driver d/l from Nvidia, and nothing will work properly.

    Something happened with the 180 drivers that really messed this up, and the normal removal/reinstall of old drivers is not fixing it.

    On a side note, a poster on the Nvidia site said he finally recovered from this problem by formatting hard drive, reinstalling Vista, and only using the drivers installed through Windows update, nothing from the Nvidia website. I don't really want to go that route unless it is the last and only option.


  9. I have updated mine from the nVidia site and had no issues whatsoever. I'm sorry that it's not working for you. I'm not even sure what to help you do if you have removed them, installed them, and it's still being an issue.

    I wonder if it is a Vista 32 bit problem, because mine is 64.

    If I can come up with something else, I'll be back to post again.
  10. al nvidia drivers that start with 180 are beta so be patient
  11. Ummm...no, the 180.48 drivers are certified and official.
  12. Ive got Vista 32 bit and the same video card and the new drivers isntalled and worked perfectly for me.
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