Asus motherboard p5n-d display problem help needed......

hi guys :D , yestarday i bought a new assembled desktop my specs are [intel core 2 quad q8200, asus p5n-d motherboard, 4gb ram ddr2, 500gbsata , i already had my old graphic card 9400gt 512 mb ... oh.. my psu zebronic 700watts..for i connected the gpu in the first slot it had [pce 2.0 *16x slot] and i connect my display [samsung lcd widescreen 18.5 inches (not hdmi) to the dvi output of the gpu card b'coz this series motherboad doesnt have integrated dvi for some reasons.. and i switched on power supply am not getting any display the monitor is just blank blinking its led.. i tried another crt monitor but its still remains same . the graphic card are working fine in other systems an so as the monitor.. so is the problem with the motherboard.. please could some on give some assistance... :cry:
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  1. It maybe your motherboard if u cold test your motherboard in another PC,it would be great.
  2. AFAIK the P5N-D does not have integrated Video Card, but by reading your post I got the feeling that your pre-assembled system would have already a Vcard, otherwise it would not work.

    If that's the case, have you removed the first Vcard before plugging the second one?

    If your sytem came with one 9400GT and you're trying to SLI with your old Vcard, have you triead all 4 DVI outputs (just in case). In addition, is the SLI bridge connected?

    IDK if the 9400GT requires a power connector or not but, if indeed it does require, have you plugged the connector in your old card when you swapped the cards?
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