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Hello, I am building new system with some budget limit. Please see below components, any comments would be appreciated. :bounce:

Intel Dual Core E5200 2.5GHz BOX 775 2MB dual
MSI GeForce NX9600GT T2D512 PCX
Apacer DDR2 2x 1GB 800MHz KIT
Western Digital SE16 640GB 16MB SATA2 WD6400AAKS
DVD RW LG GH22NP20 bulk black 22x
Fortron 400W PFC ATX-400PNF
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  1. I don't see a case in your build.

    If you do need a case, here is a good case/PSU combo:

    Antec NSK4480B Black with Earthwatts 380watt PSU

    Free shipping and is only $29.99 after a $40 MIR
  2. The case will choose my friend by himself directly in the shop.

    And I forget to mention

    LG 22" LCD W2241S-BF 5ms 8000:1
  3. Everything looks pretty good but I would recomend 1 change:

    OCZ ModXStream Pro 500watt bundled with Western Digital SE16 640GB

    $89.98 after $20 MIR. A quality modular PSU for $20, hard to beat :P
  4. Welcome to the forums!

    With a P45 motherboard I would go with a ATI HD4850, since it supports Crossfire. Get the 1 GB version if you can.

    For memory I would go with Corsair, OCZ, Patriot or Crucial.
    Get 4 GB if you can.
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