Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3HP USB issue

I have an issue with this frigen thing, I install XP and Linux Ubuntu and suse on it, everything runs great, USB and evertyhing. When i install vista, the USB freezes up the OS, I have to turn it off through bios just so Vista can stay stable. Any ideas why? It is not a hardware issue because everything works great with Linux and XP, also this is a custom PC, it is running AMD Phenom II 3.0 with 4GB of G skill dual channel ram, no vid card yet, power supply is rosewill 750W, The hard drive is 150GB 10K WD with a 650GB seagate as backup.
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  1. Is this really a hard question?
  2. no answers???????
  3. install vista and head fr whatever it calls device manger and remove the usb devices . Then reboot .

    Not guaranteed to work but it might .
  4. i did that already, i found an updated driver for the chipset off the ATI website, i installed it and it worked until i restarted and then it crashed, i received a security failure. I have no idea WTF is goin on.
  5. I got similar USB problems with that board, even with the newest Bios available. It's of course a problem with the USB controller, because if I disable it within the Bios XP as well as Ubuntu runs fine. So I figured out, that it's because of an incompatibility with some power supplies. I think Gigabyte is aware of that, but it seems to be a problem that can't be fixed via Bios updates. As long as that problem only occurs with some power supplies Gigabyte seems to have no need to offer a substitute. My conclusion - will never ever buy a Gigabyte board anymore...
  6. Same board, same issue. PS is Coolmax ZP-480B. one odd thing that "worked" for one boot, was changing the sata controller of my one sata drive (boot drive) - usb worked after first reboot then promptly failed again after next. could be an irq conflict. have not tried to manually assign. In ubuntu, usb works ootb. clearly a driver problem.

    I have read that Gigabyte has had this problem before and is sensitive to the PS. Personally, I think that is seriously lame. Too bad they would design such a great board, rave about their super high qual components, and not be able to deal with such a basic problem. I mean, USB not work? WTF?
  7. I just couldn't believe that my PS was the problem, but I finally broke down and replaced the PS (Coolmax ZP-480B, >80%eff) with an Antec Earthwatts 380, and solved the problem. What's more, I put the Coolmax PS in the pc I pulled the Antec out of (Asus microatx p4 board) and no problem at all there.
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