RMA or not

should i rma my seagate 7200.12 sometimes bios can't detect it sometimes it does i used hd tune and found 2 damage i purchased it 10 days ago

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  1. Oracle : Okay. Now I'm supposed to say..'Hmm, that's interesting', but then you say...

    Neo : But...what?

    Oracle : But you already know what I'm going to tell you.
  2. what that supposed to mean
  3. Too subtle I guess.

    You posted that you have hardware problems with your brand new, 10 day old HD, and asked if you should return it. I guess I'm saying the answer is pretty obvious.

    Yes. Just my 2 cents from the available info.
  4. but is it okay to have two bad sector, it working okay now
  5. the 2 bad sectors wouldn't worry me as much, but I'd monitor it over time. I have to admit I've never scanned a brand new HD for bad sectors. It was really the sometimes showing up in BIOS and sometimes not - I'd RMA the drive for that happening to me, personally. I'd hate to run it for a few months, get everything installed just right, then BAM.

    But if you do really good backups, you'll be covered at least.
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