VelociRaptor HDD vs. Kingston SSD

Its time for a new faster hard drive and wanted to know which one was faster. Does anybody know of some benchmarks comparing the two? Or if someone else has any recommendations for around the same price. Thanks


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  1. Try youtube - full of those boot videos.

    I highly recommend you get the Intel 40GB or 80GB (X25-V and X25-M G2) though - they are much faster than Indilinx based SSDs. But really the biggest difference is getting rid of being mechanical; even cheap SSDs get huge improvements in boot times and application load times.

    Per GB, the Intel really is not all that expensive, though.
  2. A Velociraptor has an access time about 2-3X faster than a standard hard drive, but an SSD's access time is 100X faster. For tasks dependent on fast access times (such as booting and starting applications) an SSD will perform much better.

    Anantech's original SSD article makes this clear:

    Here's a couple of relevant graphs:

  3. Boot time are not a huge problem for me. My computer is usually always on and it boots in about 30 seconds anyways. But looking at those charts it seems SSD is the way to go. Most likely ill go for the x25-m, the extreme is too expensive.
  4. The G2 is even faster than the X25-E in random reads and read latency, since it uses 34nm versus 55nm NAND flash - even though its MLC versus SLC.

    So Intel X25-M is an excellent choice at this time.
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