Question about my benchmark of the new WD VelociRaptor


I just did the ATTO Disk Benchmark test duplicate to the guy from Legit Reviews with the new Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB HDD.
Why does my test reading lags behind his?
Please take a look at both links below. The first one is my benchmark and the second is of course "Legit Reviews" benchmark of the WD VelociRaptor.
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  1. I don't see a lot of difference between yours and his. You're never going to get exactly the same figures in a benchmark unless all of the hardware and software in the system is identical.
  2. Okay, thanks.

    Do you think this is a good benchmark test for my drive?
    CPU and RAM -
    Intel i7 930 2.8
    6 gigs g-skill triple channel
  3. IMHO the best benchmark is to just use it and decide if you're happy with it...
  4. It could be that you have yours as the C drive and they had it as a D drive. I do a lot of recording of HD TV shows and when I edit them I have noticed that when I use my OS drive as the source it is slower than when using another drive.

    I just ran the test on my C and I drives and the I drive was faster even tho the C drive had more free space and both are WD RE3 1tb drives.

    C drive

    I drive

    A shot of all drives

  5. Oh okay, thanks for the input.
  6. Ancient's right on. When I first got my SSD, it had throughputs far less than what I expected. Not bad, mind you, but 20-25% lower than what I saw the 160GB G2 getting everywhere else. So, I put my old drive back in and put it as a secondary drive on the computer. Sure enough, it was benching exactly where it should. Back in as primary drive - slower again. Turns out that most sights bench these as secondary drives, which makes sense if you're trying to determine MAX throughput, which, as an O/S drive, your drive isn't going to achieve simply because of the fact that Windows is running on it.
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