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Ok. I am having a little trouble here and need help. I want to buy a AMD Phenom II X4 940. But I am seeing its a AM2+ socket. And the motherboards that have this only support ddr2 not ddr3 ram. Now the x3 cpu's are AM3 socket and those motherboards support ddr3. So for gaming and for the future. Should I buy a AM3 motherboard with a X3 cpu with the ddr3. Or should I go with The AM2+ motherboard with X4 cpu and ddr2.

I was originally going to buy a intel i7 cpu but money... Any way

What is future proof. is ddr3 the way to go. Will amd come out with X4 processors that are AM3 sockets. I am really confused on the matter and I need some clearing up.

So if anyone could explain this too me. It would really help

P.S. I know having more cores doesn't mean better performance in gaming, or a bigger jump in frames. But is it more future proof.
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  1. Ddr2 memory works fine with am3. If you want more info, read anadtech's recent article on the new phenoms.
  2. But should I buy the X3 or X4 cpus. But with the X4 cpu's I only get ddr2, and with the X3 I lose a core.
  3. i suggest X4, the tricore's are really.. a joke. most apps use 4 cores anyways, why only use 3?
  4. yeah But what about the ram. how long will my ddr2 be good for
  5. Possibly years who really knows how long DDR2 will be good for. DDR3 shows less than a 5% performance increase right now and costs more than twice as much. I personally wouldn't build a computer using an AM3 cpu if it required DDR3 to run it.
  6. ok il lget the X$ cpu. But just aside note. Is it worth buying the i7 with a mobo for it and ddr3. Is it better to wait and collect money or what. I have a ati Radeon 4870 graphics card so will gaming have a major effect between these cpu's and ram
  7. The 720 BE is anything but a joke. In fact it's beating the 940 in a few benchmarks and mostly staying within a couple of fps in all, and can be plugged into an AM3 mobo.

    Basically beat me to it Jimbo. Amazing how some people can't get that 3 cores are ok. I'm trying to convince my young nephew to get one. All he can see is "WOW, QUAD CORE". It's hard to convince a kid it's better to save $130 and be able to have "equal" performance so to speak. Most won't see or know the difference.
  8. If I have to choose, I may go with PII X3 720 BE due to the value - cheap and fast (very overclockable).

    If you buy AM3 cpu for the future proof, just mind you... a new chipset is coming up sometimes this year.

    If you think of getting the new chipset and still want an upgrade now, you may want to buy a cheap AM2+ mobo + PII X3 720 (DDR2 is cheap). Then upgrade to the new mobo when it is out... by then DDR3 should be much cheaper. (The PII 720 can be reused).
  9. Yeah the X3 720 BE is the best cost/performance chip out there right now. It performs as well as the 940 for 60-80 dollars less. It overclocks better and will run in either a AM2+ or AM3 board. If you where doing any sortof upgrade or new build right now it's the right choice. It'll stud out an AM2+ board, and when the P2 FX's eventually come out you'll just have to swap out chips if you already have a AM3 with some nice oc'd 1600 DDR3 put together.

  10. Only one problem that they only support 1333mhz and below which I think some people are forgetting.

    Get a 720 BE, and a nice mobo, you can get the MSI K9A2 platinum's for less than AM3 boards aswell and you'll get Quad CF on the platinum's. You'll also want DDR2 1066mhz ram to make the most of it
  11. I had a talk with my parents and they say if I wait longer I can get the i7 with mobo. I found a really great deal on tiger direct. It would cost a bit more on new egg. I'll be spending a bit more but I think this is the better choice. More future proof and a better system overall.
    P.S I am building a system not upgrading.
  12. Don't buy from Tiger Direct. Buy from Newegg. It's cheaper.
  13. smithereen, if you read his post it says that it's cheaper on Tiger Direct

    Also, you'd be better off going with the 720 BE if you were going to go with an I7 920 because in most of the Benchmarks the 720 is about the same and sometimes higher. You'd also save $300-400 on the mobo and CPU that you could put towards a 4870 x2
  14. Wow, my bad. Sorry.
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