nvidia driver problems in vista help!

Ok guys maybe you can tell me what is going on here

intel e6750 w/ tuniq tower
4gb ram
geforce 9800gtx
500gb hdd
750 watt pcpc ps
windows vista x64

So I just upraded to 64 bit vista because i will be buying a new graphics card and wanted to add more ram in the future. So I installed vista but when i install the nvidia graphics drivers my screen just turns black when vista opens. I can hear the sound of it like it would be booting up but my screen is black like its in standby but i cant get it out. I have tried everything. I have uninstalled the drivers then used driver sweeper to clean everything out. The computer boots up fine otherwise. It is only when i boot up using the nvidia drivers. I have even tried the older 172 drivers and they did the exact same thing. So i have no idea what else to try. I have even tried unistalling vista and reinstalling it and it still does the same thing. So if someone could please help me i would appreciate it. I am going to unistall the drivers again and do a driver sweep in safe mode and just wait to see if someone can help me out :)
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  1. I've posted here under another thread, but I'm having the same issue after updating to the 180 drivers.
    Now, can't boot into Vista 32bit with any set of drivers, old, new, don't matter.

    I've done every suggestion available about cleaning out old drivers, w/ driver sweeper, safe mode, deleting Nvidia files/folders, and so on.

    See previous thread under my name for complete details. And hopefully someone figures this out soon.


  2. anyone got any ideas? help please.
  3. Is your card an XFX? if so sounds like you need to do a bios update on the card,if you fill out a support ticket telling them what problems your having they will send you a iso bios update via email!
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