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I have a maxtor 3200 usb external hard drive and I was running it on a mac.
My mac was dying so I backed everything up on the maxtor and bought a new laptop , a PC not a mac and found that it would not read my maxtor at all. I have looked in the device manager and it shows it in the device list but I have no way of accesing it and it has all my files and music and loads of stuff I am desperate to get hold of on it.
I am running windows vista but have also tried on xp and 2000 with no joy and my I cannot transfer back to the old mac as I don't have a monitor for it anymore and knowone has a mac I know!

Any ideas
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  1. From slightly different but related experience I have learned that the file system recognised by both PC and Mac is the old Fat32. The latest PC file system and the latest Mac system are incompatible.
  2. Check and see if this may help you. It is read only, but that should be what you need. There is another app called mac drive that has a demo. I am not sure of the demo limits, but it may be worth a look.

    I have not tried any of this, so i sure hope they work on regular windows PC's that are not under boot camp.

    HFSExplorer - there is a link to the app on there.


    This issue stems as said above from the fact that all these operating systems have there own file systems. FAT32 is the most widely compatible for portable drives.
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