New PSU causes shutdown

I recently bought a new PSU from Newegg since I wanted to SLI soon. I just installed it about 30 minutes ago and finally turned it on,
everything seemed to work fine, about a minute later it just shut off. I turned it on again to have the same thing happen.
I'm positives I didn't accidentally fry any parts since it boots up fine, and everything is plugged in correctly.
Is it possible I just got a bad PSU?

Currents specs:
PSU: Antec TruePower TRIO 650w
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
GPU: PNY XLR8 8800gt
Motherboard: MSI P7N SLI-FI
Hard drive: Seagate barracuda 250GB
RAM: 2gb (2x1) DDR2 800MHZ

Thanks for reading over this.
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  1. Well AlbinoGlowStic, check every cable connected to the MB. Not just the 12v leads from the the PSU, but all the SATA cables for starters and everything plugged in to the MB. Reseat the RAM and Video card carefully, they may gave been knocked loose when installing the new PSU. Be sure the 4/8 pin 12v lead from the PSU plugged in to the MB to supply power to the CPU, same with the 6 pin 12v to the video card. Something as simple as a loosly connected, shorted SATA cable can cause the entire system to loose power and shut down. AlbinoGlowStick is a good name for a rockband.
  2. Well, it actually turns out my heat sink was loose, must of bumped it when unplugging the CPU power cable. Fixed that and everything seems to be working fine now.
  3. Ouch, if bumping the HS caused it to come loose, then you obviously don't have a backplate.

    You might want to look into that.
  4. Zorg said:
    Ouch, if bumping the HS caused it to come loose, then you obviously don't have a backplate.

    You might want to look into that.

    It's a cheap one that has those plastic feet you push down and twist to lock
  5. It is disappointing that you didn't include it in your specs and even though it became the topic you chose to not release it. I am busting your balls, but I am not (no sexist intention). I hope that in the future more info... not too much... will be provided.

    I see that a lot with PSUs. Apparently everyone thinks that if we say it's good then it is, whether there is enough info to make that understanding or not. Well, sorry to disappoint. If you have something wrong and you omit pertinent information, then you will not ever get the correct answer.

    Your cheap HS will benefit from a backplate.

    You may have problems to overcome with regard to the screws etc. but there are backplates available. Or whole new HSs for ~$40, S1283 comes to mind.

    Don't forget the backplate. :lol:

    At any rate, run Core Temp etc. regularly with those pushpins.
  6. Sorry, I guess I was worried more about the PSU and connections thus over looked the Heat sink. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. I have 'many' Antec PSU's running my systems and an unopened 650w unit sitting here for a while now. So, I was thinking, my Antec PSU's work really well, I bet your's does too :lol: . I also have a bunch of the stock Intel 775 HSF sitting around. I'll have another stock AM2 HSF sitting around tomorrow when my PII 940 gets here and I install. Yeah, those push pin stock 775 coolers can be unstable if you don't handle them like a newborn kitten LOL. Anyway, glad you found the problem. I hope my Antec 650 watter can power the unit in my configuration. I have it for a backup for now. I changed out an Ultra 600w for a PCP & C 610w in my HTPC a few night s ago. I didn't knock anything loose the unit worked perfectly first try, but I got in trouble for saying bad words to that big azz, tight fittin' %$!!!**! :lol:
  8. Holy crap a 610 in an HTPC? You must have used a shoe horn.
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