Phenom II 965 Overclocking

So, I increased the multiplier to 18 and got 3.6ghz, so far its at 55.5 running prime 95 for a few hours.
Im getting AM cooler tommorow to further OC.

I am a newbie to OC so please help me.
My understanding is that you first increase the multiplier then increase the voltage until prime 95 doesn't fail?

What should the max voltage I should go for? 1.5v?

Am I going to reduce the lifespan of my processor if I OC or is it perfectly okay if the temperature is low enough and the processor is stable with prime 95?

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    no no no there may be a part in ur bios to change u inclrease the multiplyer to its max then increase the speed the lower voltage is the best higher voltage = HOTER and the hotter it is the worst off u will be
  2. 3.6 should be a good o/c til you learn about how to use ur bios better
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