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Originally the computer ran great. I upgraded the bios to the newest version. The next day the monitor would flash. By flashing I mean the screen would go black and come back during normal use of the machine. During the flashing the computer would lock up. No mouse or keyboard functions would work. I restarted and it came up with the windows vista "your computer has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" window. Then the computer locked up again with the flashing monitor. On restart I get these post beeps and also has NO video output. My guess is the video card is wasted. I tried the video card in a different slot with no avail. I unplugged all peripherals and this also made no difference as well as re-seating the memory.

One beep, followed by 3 slower beeps.

It's like a " . - - - "

Any thoughts?
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  1. "1 Long, 3 Short Beeps - You've probably just added memory to the motherboard since this is a conventional or extended memory failure. Generally this is caused by a memory chip that is not seated properly. Reseat the memory chips."

    Thats info from some site and AMI site kinda confirms that. It is possible that the bios update changed some settings like voltage and might have damaged the ram in a process(unlikely but possible)
    Try booting without video card, then without ram and see if the beep pattern changes. If you have multiple sticks than try bootng with single one - but try them all, one after another. You can try different slots too.

    If possible than get a 100% working stick of ram from somewhere and if you manage to boot succesfully than Im sure you can roll back to the original version of the bios from the mobo driver cd.

    I hope youll get that sorted. I know its kinda late to say this now but theres a reason why they say "dont try to fix whats not broken" and that applies especially to pc`s and bios updates. If everything is working fine than leave it alone.

    Good luck!
  2. This memory has been in the machine running for about 5 months.

    I thought this mobo used phoenix bios, no ambios. According to phoenix bios troubleshooting the long beep followed by 2 short beeps indicates video problems.

    I tried booting with both sticks of memory completely removed and with just one stick (tried both of them by them selves). With one stick, no matter which one I still get the same original long beep with two short beeps. When booting with no memory the I get the expected three long beeps meaning no memory is found. When booting with no video card it gives the same long beep with two short beeps after.

    Even if the memory had issues I find it hard to believe that the video wouldn't work.
  3. "One beep, followed by 3 slower beeps"

    "I still get the same original long beep with two short beeps"

    How many then? Anyway, I owned 4 different asus boards and they all sported Ami bios, so I assumed all asus bords have it. Net reviews of your board also state that it has ami bios, but you claim its Phoenix. Look in the mobos manual, youll find it there.

    Theres many things that can cause video not working, and memory is one of them. For example if i set my ram timings too low or speed too high i dont even get beeps - no post and no video output.

    Unfortunately without trying your components in other pc and vice versa you cant really tell whats wrong. My guess is memory or the mobo itself.
  4. My mistake on the typo with the amount of beeps. It's still one long beep followed by 3 short beeps. I ordered new memory for my mobo. After looking through documentation I discovered it is AMI bios. I appreciate your help MaDMagik. As soon as my memory arrives I will post the update.
  5. No problem and good luck!
  6. UPDATE:

    Problem solved.. Video card was bad. Ram in perfect condition after running Memtest for about an hour. I guess the card failure got me one good thing though.. Some good knowledge and a Geforce 9800 GTX+
  7. Well what do you know, heheh :) Everyday you learn something new, here we have learned that beep codes at times seem about as accurate as tarot cards, just to add further confusion and uncertainty in PCs troubleshooting ;] Glad youre sorted though.
  8. One thing that lead me to believe it was the video card was when the video card was removed the beep codes didn't change. When the ram was removed the beep codes did change.
  9. So was it a typo, or did you have 1 long 2 short too? That is video error for AMI as well, and with ram removed you got 1-3 which is a memory error, and that would make some sense.
  10. Yes. Typo. Thanks for the help MaDMagik!
  11. Memory config problems can cause 1 long 2 short beeps ,reason being is that your Video card cannot initialise when Convential or the first 64k of extended memory is having problems.If you are having Graphical issues within the windows enviroment then its obviously the G.Card.First use one good know ram chip to see if the problem occurs.1 long 3 short beeps on my system is memory failure.Pheonix Bios.
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