Blue screen new memory help!

a few days ago i bought that memory stick and installed it into my computer
above is my specifications
I also added the nvidia geforce 8800 gt 512 mb gddr3 a long time ago. but this never happened until i put the new memory in.

For the first day I played my games fine, then on the second day i was playing and it lagged very badly, then the blue screen came up it said something about disabling BIOS memory i read some threads about this but it didn't seem to help. can someone please tell me what the problem is? I'm new to all this stuff btw, so please forgive me if i don't understand some of the things you tell me
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  1. How do i set the voltage and where can i find it, i already checked the setup before the computer starts but i can't find it
  2. you can change the voltage in the BIOS (usually press DEL) when the computer is booting
  3. i just found out my compaq machine does not allow me to change bios memory settings, how do i unlock these?
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