Reads cd but doesnt read dvd disc. Says no disc in drive

My pc doesn't read dvd discs. I have used registry mechanic to see if there is a registry problem. But I still have a problem. It reads cd discs without any problems.
Can any one help me?
When I put a dvd disc in it says there is no disc in the drive. I also see that the drive opens with difficulty.
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  1. Hello
    I went onto microsoft fixit and it repaired it, but I also uninstalled my drive and after that did a registry check. When I switched my pc on again, it reinstalled my dvd rw drive. Now I see it is working again.
    But if it was my drive would it only read cd's?
    But thanks for the advice as I was desperate to get my drive top notch again
  2. Quote:
    Are you sure it's a dvd drive?

    You can buy a new DVD-RW for $20.

    Yes I am quite sure as I have had this pc for quite a few years. The dvd discs that it burnt it did not want to read but my problem is sorted
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