Verbs vs Sonys

Id like to discuss with the pros in the subject which is the best DVD+R media?
* Verbatim MCC 004
* Sony D21

(I might update later the "made in" region for the two)

I wanted to discuss the difference when burning at low speeds,
personally I really just want to be 100% sure that the DVD is ok when I get it out. I dont test them and I wont read them for a few years.

Ive read opinions favoring both media, but they usually regard higher speeds.

I can get Verbatim a little cheaper, but I dont mind paying more if it is at least a bit better.

About the region their made in, lets say neither is made in the best or worst regions, Ill update the regions of the ones I have if you think its necessery to compare.

So what do you think?
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  1. I have used hundreds of both with very few problems. I have to say though that their will always be burn errors even with high quality media. I would for sure test what you are burning before locking it away for a few years......if you do not check you are going to run into dead disks when you do finally need them.
  2. I see. So what kind of test would you recommend me to do so I can be sure the disc is error free?

    I think I saw a "verify written data" option on some burning software but im not sure.

    I use Nero 7 Ultra and Alcool 120% , but I would gladly get some software for tests.

  3. Nero has a "Verify Burn" or similarly worded option after the burn is complete.
    If what you are burning is something like home movies or something irreplaceable it is not a bad idea to run this check however it is time consuming. Honestly if I am burning movies I just check them in a DVD player to make sure they work in a drive other than the one they were burned on. If it is data I just swap the disk to my ROM drive and make sure I can access it.
  4. Ok, Im going to follow your advice. Thx.
  5. Ok, Im going to follow your advice. Thx.
  6. Both brands are very reliable. I use both brands a lot. Some of discs are > 5 years old it still works.
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