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I had a quick search but couldn't find the answers.
My current setup is an Athlon 5000 X2 on an Asus M2R32MVP and a 2900Pro. Originally I was using a Sony Bravia KDL20S2030 plugged in via the HDMI socket (using a DVI - HDMI cable). All sound goes through an asus Xonar with an optical cable to a Ligitech Z5500. I decided to add a Blu ray drive so bought the LG GGC-H20L along with a copy of Powerdvd 8 ultra. The first blu I bought was Bram stokers dracula, which played fine, I wasn't astounded by the quality, but hey, it's a 10+ year old film. The next blu I tried to play was a recent one (can't remember exactly) which played the first few seconds, then stopped with a popup telling me I wasn't HDCP. Firstly i tried changing the cable, so bought an HDMI cable, and used the adaptor that came with the Graphics card, this had no affect. I then assumed that the Sony Bravia was the culprit, so I have just bought a Dell 2408. I have connected this with the HDMI cable again, but I am still getting the same message. I cannot think what else it could be, any suggestions please?
I have updated all drivers too, which has not helped.
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  1. Your video card and monitor are supposed to both support HDCP or you will have trouble.

    The cheapest work around is to use ANYDVD HD to decode the copy protection. There is a free trial available so you can try it out. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.
  2. ^+1. I was going to post this earlier, but the Forum or school net was down.
  3. I love All of Slysofts products.
  4. Could be a couple things.

    HDCP compliant monitor?

    Try a DUAL-LINK DVI cable (to handle the bandwidth)

    Update your media player. I use CyberLink's software and had to get a patch to handle the latest DRM changes.
  5. Get the BlueRay assesment tool from Cyberlink. It should tell you which piece is non-HDCP compliant.

    I do use AnyDVD HD and it works flawless (even though I have all HDCP compliant equip)
  6. I've tried cyberlinks tool, and it tells me I should switch to an analog output. I'll give the anyDVD a go, it's just a pain that it doesent work when all of my hardware should support it :fou:
  7. I've forked out for a dual link DVI cable, and yes it seems to have worked.
    Thanks for the suggestion rodneysb :wahoo:
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