HDD I/O Fault ???

Hello everyone: About a month ago or so, one of my hard drives stopped booting (it says something about having an invalid table or MBR). When I goot from my other HD and go to windows, that HD does not show up, but when I go to control panel - device manager, and under Disk Drives, I do right click and do a scan for changes it finally sees the HD and I am able to access it. I have used couple of programs to rebuild the MBR and fix the partition table, but it keeps saying HDD I/O fault???
any suggestions?
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  1. Try this using a drive with a different operating system than what is on the disk.

    Type cmd

    from there type "chkdsk X: /f" no quotes and replace X with whatever drive it is.
  2. thanks for the suggestion. I ran the command and it says no problems were found. How can I find out what partition is the PC trying to boot up from??? That way i can install win 7 there or what I actually want to do is to install Linux - Ubuntu.
  3. Guys,
    I think my machine is trying to boot up from an un-accessible partition (with no drive letter assigned to it *), and there is something wrong there. EASEUS Partition Master is not letting me access that partition, not even format it. Any ideas are welcomed...., I need help! thanks
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