Upgrade amd athlon x2 5000+ to a phenom quad? for gaming

would it raise my gaming times? will it help frames?

athlon 5000x2 3.0ghz
2gb corsair 800mhz
ultra ls 600watt
500gb maxtor
hd 3870 512mb
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  1. Yes it will raise the FPS but mayb not considerably...Most of the games are more GPU oriented(well almost all)
    So having a more powerful graphic card will get u more FPS than having a more powerful CPU...
  2. well i have the amd 5000 right now and i only get around 15-25fps..do you think upgrading the card will help?
  3. But then again make sure u don pair weak CPU wit a powerful GPU ...
    Eg: Having a 4870 wit athlon 4400 or below...

    But u can try adding more RAM..even that helps boost FPS...
  4. which game are u talking about??
  5. crysis and gta 4 all at high settings max resolution 1440x900..
  6. i got my cpu at 3ghz if i upgrade to a phenom which one should i get..not looking to get the new ones out now..phenom 2's are nono rite now..
  7. Well if u don go for the new phenoms, nt much worth upgrading then...But if u find any good deals, then its fine...Well my 1st try will be to add more RAM...sure u will see some improvements...so its jus spending about $30 for more 2GB...
    Well get tis phenom

  8. crysis more needs gpu than cpu, gta for needs both. Get 4gb RAM and overclock CPU as fast as You can. Then if/when You have money get new Graphics card. And olny then upgrade CPU or possibly CPUand m/b depending of the one You have.
  9. Yeah OC it if you can and put some RAM. If you want to get a new gfx card wait for the 40nm ones. For the CPU, don't buy unless you are going with phenom II. Phenom II is you only choice for AMD systems for a looong time it seems as the next arch 'Orochi' which is the long awaited Bulldozer is said to be released in 2011. Now I don't know if your mobo supports P II though. Now when lynnfield comes out (Q3 2009) and dual core westmere comes out (Q4 2009), PII 940 prices should go down (about $160 - 180 I guess...) so you can plan accordingly...
  10. You can check this out to see if your Athlon x2 can game with a better GPU
  11. Your GPU is your biggest limiting factor right now.
    Get a more powerful Graphic card, and overclock your Processor.

    If you are thinking AMD Quad core, do not buy anything but a Phenom2, and wait for the soon to be released AM3 quads.
    The current Quads won't help you much.
  12. The 6mb cache quads not the 4mb's
  13. well thanks guys..the mobo i have right now is the msi k2a9 cf v.2
  14. Well if you have a msi k2a9 cf v2 then yours might support Phenom II. There's nothing in it's product page ( www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=K9A2_CF-F_V2&class=mb ) but they have given a bios update in beta here ( http://www.msicomputer.com/msiforms2/AM3.asp ) and a reviewer in New Egg has got it to work after a BIOS flash http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?Item=N82E16813130172 .

    But first of all you should OC, get cheap RAM and gfx card which I would recomment getting a good 40nm one with DX11 and OpenCL.
  15. if i get a hd 4870..you think i will see a difference in gaming?
  16. Get an 4850 and 4 gig of memory! No reason to upgrade that processor until your video card gets upgraded again. Just those 2 upgrades and you'll see the difference for sure! HTH

    I have the 4850 and up'd to 4 gig of memory, made a world of difference from 1950xt and 2 gig.
  17. I would say your video card is holding you back. Crysis is a GPU killer and if you turned your video settings down some it would probably run smooth. Even the 3650 can run Crysis with lower settings.
  18. the thing is i wana use crysis and gta 4 on high without any lag..you think that if get the hd 4850 i can run gta4 smoother and like at 25-30 fps?
  19. AMD PHENOM 64 bits 9850 Quad Core 2.5Ghz vs AMD Athlon 64 bits 6500 Dual Core 3.2Ghz for gaming only...Mother Asus, 2gb ram/ PCI-E xt2600 256mb.
    rfactor game :o
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