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I'm running 3 monitors with 2 8600GT Nvidia cards. With Vista running this setup I have consistently clear picture across all monitors. I recently setup a dual boot with XP, in order to take advantage of the span feature. However, I noticed that on XP the other two monitors are significantly blurry compared to the primary. I don't want to mess with the actual monitors since they work fine on Vista. Not really sure where to start trouble shooting this one. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. what size are the monitors, also with nvidia based cards and xp you have to manually set native resolutions on the monitors via nvidia properties
  2. The monitors are 19" (all three), two are the exact same model (SK1901) the other is a Westinghouse l1975NW. All running 1440x900. Where do you manually setup the native resolutions in the control panel?
  3. Go to control panel and either to the nvidia control panel or something or go to display and advanced. You should find a way to get to it from there.
  4. Strange, turns out that it was a driver error, I downloaded the latest drivers, as well as downloaded SP3. After a reboot....voila.... consistent picture. Not sure why it looked good on one monitor and not the others.

    Now if I can just get my sound back...Thanks for the help!
  5. Good deal. Happy that it's working for you.
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