My PSU is not starting

Hi All
I have a 460W coolermaster extreme power. It ran perfectly but now a problem has started. I had a core 2 duo system and used to run this powersupply on it and it ran perfectly. now i have sold my system and now i want to run this psu externally, i.e by shorting the 2 wires in the 24 pin connector. It used to run perfectly when i did this before, but now it does not run. the fan starts for a second but then stops. I tested it on my very old systems. one was p2 and one was p3. this psu used to run perfectly on both before but now it runs only on p3 not p2. Another problem is that the warranty time is over. please help me in this problem. Hope to hear from you guys soon. thanks
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  1. Guys please reply as im in need for some help. please guys
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