Messing up with an XFX750I board

I've recently installed an XFX750I board s/n KXM000558 on a PC, when I turned it on it doesn't show video and I realize there was an error message on the LCD error panel in the board (0d) which means accordingly to the manual (memory error), but I read it as (p0) which means nothing and I supposed a BIOS error. Then I pressed the CMOS clear button and the problem started: the error message changes to (FF) which means (POST initialization error), then I supposed the CMOS was indeed cleared but now I don't have a clue how to reset it to default parameters. I have tried everything.
Any suggestion are most welcome, I'm desperate
with most regards
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  1. ok well there is a blue and a red jumper on my mobo the blue clears cmos and the red restores it to default, also the jumper should restet it to default as well
  2. My fear becomes more and more a truth, the CMOS clear button left empty the CMOS (this really sucks, it should do the whole job!!!), so I must find a way to reset it to defaults, I will keep searching, thanks a lot
  3. Hi
    Can someone help me with this issue. I cannot find the red and blue jumpers, can you send me any picture of your mobo to see where they are???
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