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Hey gang, i'm having an issue with my Work PC, i installed an XFX 8400 GS so i can hook up 2 more monitors. I also just installed Vista 32-bit 2 days ago. When i look in the device manager, it says that it's an 8400 GS, but i'm unable to install the Nvidia control panel... any idea on why this might be happening?
Thanks in advance...
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  1. The NVCP should install along with the drivers. You did grab the latest WHQL driver didn't you? 178.24 in your case.
  2. yes, but it would not install, i got an error message saying that the driver sees the 8400 as a different product...
  3. i currently have an ATI Radoen x1300 PCI in there with 2 monitors hooked up to it, and when i tried to install the Nvidia PCI-E 8400 GS card, to add 2 more monitors, this is when the issue happened...
  4. Are you trying to install a total of 4 monitors? I don't think it will work in your current setup.

    If you are upgrading your video card though and use only 2 monitors, I would uninstall the nvidia and ati utility. When the computer boots up, make your video card as an standard vga card, and install the nvidia utility.
  5. Old setup = Win XP Pro SP 3 with ATI card that has 2 monitors plugged into it and 2 X Nvidia FX5200's with one monitor on each 5200 card.

    I formatted and installed Vista and only 2 of the monitors were working (the ones plugged into the ATI card) and not the Nvidia cards. so i took out the FX5200's and put in an 8400GS with 2 DVI ports...

    New setup = Vista Business Ultimate SP 1 with the same ATI card that works with 2 monitors and a new XFX 8400GS that is not being recognized.

    My question is: Is it Vista that is the culprit here?
  6. check on xfx website for related problems and possible firmware updates.
    did you tried playing games on the cards so as to test for any defect or instability.
  7. I believe Vista is the culprit.

    I have read several threads about what you are currently experiencing right now. The prevalent responses were that you cannot mix both ATI and nVidia drivers anymore since they would more or less try to utilize the same resources.

    Unfortunately this means you will need decide which brand you prefer to stick with. It'll have to be all ATI or all nVidia.
  8. oh,4 pc monitor setup.
    i also think it wouldn't work. the cards should be identical, probably running in crossfire or sli configuration.
  9. jaguarskx said:
    I believe Vista is the culprit.

    This is correct.
    One of the current limitations of WDDM is that it does not support multiple drivers in a multi-adapter, multi-monitor setup. If a multi-monitor system has more than one graphics adapter powering the monitors, both the adaptors must use the same WDDM driver. If more than one driver is used, Windows will disable one of them.[1].

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