Anyone with an ASUS Rampage Extreme?

I want to get an Asus Rampage (link below) and a nice 6GB set of ddr3 triple channel memory that is able to be overclocked to 2000 without any issues.

Basically, what I want to know is anyone who has this board and ram running at 2000 O.C. what type of RAM they purcahsed and any other side notes would be much appreciated. I am going to be running a core i7 930 on this with a 295 GTX.
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  1. rampage III is imminent
  2. Yeah I totally seen that, but who knows when I mean after tomorrow I am going without my computer until I order an Asus Rampage II or stuck waiting months for a Rampage III which does 2,200. Is there any information on this or do I have to buy two motherboards -_- regardless if anyone does own an Asus Rampage II and is running their ram at 2000 please tell me your setup
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