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I currtenly use a 8800 GTS 320 Mb which has been great but now that I got a new 22 in widescreen monitor my fps has dropped and I need to get a new card. I play mostly FPS's: CS:S , TF2, COD4/WAW, Bioshock, ect. And i wanna be able to play games on high for the next year just like my 8800 did for me.

GTX 260 is more than enough for 1920 x 1080 resolution ?


E6550 @ 3.4
ASUS P5k Deluxe
2 x 2 Gskill 1066 DDR2
8800 GTS 320 Mb
OCZ 700 Watt
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  1. There is 2 variants of this card; the normal GTX260(192 shaders) and the slightly faster and slightly more expensive 216 shader model. Either will serve well so it`s really just down to finding the right deal.
    The poerformance improvement with the 216 varies with different games but expect about 5-15% (any other imput guys?) depending on game.
    I take it you do will not consider an ATI card?
  2. I knew about the 2 different versions and if I can find a good deal on the 216 model then Ill pick it up, if not the 192 is fine.

    Not really a fan of ATI, had a couple cards before and just didn't like em.
  3. Fair enough, enjoy your purchase;)
    Note to self: Wear your glasses when posting:-(
  4. For 1920x1080 a 260GTX is more "good" than "more than enough". Most games will play well with "high/very high" settings (like the ones you mentioned) and some AA/AF, but for the demanding one (like Crysis and GTA 4), a single GPU just doesn't cut it at that resolution if you keep settings at high. Just saying because "etc." can mean many things ;). Still, the 260GTX and 4870 are both very good cards in their price-range.

    BTW, your 22" monitor is 1920x1080 or 1680x1050 (most are 1680x1050 so I want to make sure).
  5. Trying to keep posts since i should be working =P

    I played the Crysis demo and I didn't like it that much
    I have a PS3 as well so I've already played/beat GTA 4 haha and with all the problems I've heard with the port I wouldnt wanna mess with it anyways.

    As for my monitor its def 1920 x 1080 :)
  6. you could get gtx 260 for $240-280
    but 4850x2 is $300 :ange:

    If i were you I would for for 4850x2....for that resolution x2 card would be great idea, benchmarks show 4850x2 beating gtx 280 and its cheaper.
  7. 4850x2 could be an option

    Holding a grudge against ATI for this long cant be healthy =P

    Another question though would my proc ( E6550 @ 3.4 ) bottleneck either card?
  8. @3.4 GHz, it shouldn't unless the game is very CPU intensive (maybe like future RTS games). In that case you can just crank-up the AA+AF and enjoy full 1080p eye candy.
  9. BTW, awesome deal!!!!! I'm thinking of picking up 1 of that.
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