Full Tower NZXT case not Wide enough

I have a NZXT Zero full tower case and currently have installed a Cooler Master Hyper TX2 on my overclocked Q6700 processor. I've been looking to upgrade to i7 or i5 in the next couple of months but plan to do it in stages because of the cost. I would have to get a new mobo, ram, and graphics cards in addition to the processor.

Anyway, I've wanted to buy Thermalrights IFX-14 because they have been reported to be the best of the best right now. However, due to clearance and width, I can't. I have some OCZ Reaper HPC ram which heatsinks rise above your normal RAM height. I've looked next at Prolimatech Megahalems which look fantastic, but at 160mm height, they wouldn't fit either. Thermalright Venomous X, Scythe Mugen 2, ect, they all are 160mm tall.

I'm really at a loss because I expected a full tower to be able to handle higher end coolers. This tower seems to be too narrow for such things though. I had been advised to look for coolers that were only 140mm high but haven't found any exceptional ones. I assume the alternative would to go water cooling?

Any ideas or cooler suggestions?

This is my case

It is rated at 210mm width. however, one would have to subtract the fans on the side, and the mobo, and the distance between the mobo and the back of the case, ect.
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  1. You can go low end watercooling like corsair H50 or something from coolit.
  2. ok well the corsare H5O is better then any air cooling and it allowed me to o/c my E5200 from 2.5 to 4.1 with temps below 72c and its smalll 120mm radiator fits at the back of my case with the exit fan it cost about $70 us
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    with that case the corsare H5O would fit on one of the 120mm fans and then the one that comes with it would co over the front of it like mine kinda...
  4. According to the Small Water vs Big Air review on Toms and other reviews, the H50 isn't as good as the leading or even top 10 air coolers. Also, if I were to go water, I would rather go all the way instead of a hybrid

    Anyone own a NZXT Zero or have any other suggestions?

    I read in the reviews for the NZXT Zero that people were able to fit a 160mm cooler if they removed 2 or even all 4 of the side case 120mm fans. What would this do to my airflow leaving my case with a gaping hole?
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