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Now we all know that overclocking uses more power escpially when you add voltage. What I was thinking about today was how much does power usage go when you raise the clock speed but not the volts. I'm thinking that it wouldnt go past the chips tdp rating on stock volts.

I have seen plenly of the OC charts with power consumption in them but I dont recall any that had overlcocked the cpu with stock volts.

Intel and AMD both have cpus now that can get a nice overclock with out adding volts. Heck alot of the chips can take a voltage drop if anything.

Anybody have any info on this. For example if we were to take a e7300 and overclock it to e7500 speed on stock volts about how much more power do you think it takes. I know its impossible to get it exact, you cant even get the same results from 2 of the same cpus due to the VID/binning. But just a figure in the ballpark.
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  1. Not really. Its a not concern about how much wattage I would need in psu.
  2. if you just increase the clocks at stock volts, the power usage would increase linearly (20% increase in clocks, 20% increase in power). if you increase the volts at the same clock, power usage increases in power of two (squared or how do you say it... (not native)) (20% more volts, 44% more power). if combined you'll get some nice exponential growth...

    but the hard part would be knowing the power usage at the beginning (at stock). those TDP numbers are just design envelopes and not 'accurate' at the slightest...
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