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  1. Dragon965 said:
    I must have really lucked out with my processor, My Phonem II 965 BE was able to hit 4.0GHz at stock voltage, and with only 1.46 volts can hit 4.2GHz, but not as stable...

    I'm still experimenting though, should be able to do additional with FSB and HT overclocking also, but haven't gotten to it yet...

    Yeah, my used 965 BE hit 4 GHz at stock voltage, i am running 4.1 now at 1.4750 v. I tried to go to 4.2 GHz at 1.4875 but my pc crashed when i tried to run prime95... I don't want to hit 1.5000 v, i am afraid that it will damage my cpu or any other components in my pc.

    Temps are at 40 c idle (55 c load on Prime95) 49 c average in games
    PC specs:
    -AMD 965 Black Edition (obviously)
    -Hyper 212 EVO heatsink <-- Beast of a cheap heat sink
    -Msi 760gm p34 (fx) mobo
    -8GB Patriot Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition RAM
    -Evga gtx 660 non ti
    -CX 600w PSU
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