Setup for using 4gb memory in xp 32 bit

what changes are required in control panal, Systems i believe, to use up to 3.25 GB of the 4GB of memory installed?
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  1. none!xp 32 bit usually sees about that
  2. As stated, none. XP 32 bit will see up to 4 gig. Whatever memory that is reserved for hardware will be subtracted from the 4 gig usually leaving you somewhere between 3 and 4 gig.
  3. But you can have some fun anyway!

    I have 8 GB in a quad-boot machine (DOS / XP / XP / 7). I once came across a lovely article on how to create a RAM drive out of the remaining memory. At least, you can put your swap file on the RAM drive and swap to RAM. /temp and other scratch files, maybe. So you can use the remaining bit for some fun, or upgrade to a 64-bit OS.
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