Overclocked i7 920 Hyperthreading issues

The issue:
When I turn on hyperthreading (HT) 2 of my cores shut off, the issue is new, as I was able to enable HT and have all 4 cores running just fine before.

The Rig:
rampage 2 extreme
I7 920 prime 95 24h stable(with HT enabled at the time) at 200bclk x 21m, 4200mhz @1.34v, core temps 40c-43c idle ave. 57c-61c ave 100% load (with ht enabled it was around 67c-71c) using corsair h50 self contained water system (though i know its not as effective as water its good for my purposes)
tuniq tx3 thermal compound applied correctly
corsair dominator Gt 2000mhz (at 2005mhz@1.65v)
intel x25-m 160gb
antex trupower 1000w

The griping and moaning:
I am completely at a loss, one day I went to benchmark with HT enabled and noticed terrible cpu performance, so I looked at Realtemp and it was only displaying 2 core temps.. I thought thats odd. lemme check cpu-z.. sure enough it says 2 cores 4 threads. After searching around for a while I found one other guy with the same problem, though that thread never got any responces (different website and forum than Tom's)

What I've tried thus far:
Cleared bios settings, and enabled HT with standard settings (aka 2.6ghz @1066mhz ram etc.)
Updated bios to version 1805
Played with all of the cpu settings to see if somthing was wrong... nothing is different than when I used ht before and successfully ran utilizing HT, and no changes make things work properly

Any help = Much appreciated
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  1. Doesn't sound good. Is your CPU under warranty?
  2. No, since its overclocked the warranty void.. but it runs perfectly otherwise. infact its is a champ and HT is preaty unsupported aside from benching, but I just want to know whats up. and why for future reference, and if HT becomes a more mainstream application wise.
  3. Well then if it runs perfectly otherwise, the problem is what?

    On Prime 95, do you see 8 threads in the Performance window?
  4. Make sure that ALL the cores are enabled in the BIOS. Other than that, I would send the CPU back for warranty. Don't worry about the overclocking bit, it will be fine :P
  5. it shows 4 threads, and cpuz shows 2 cores. (ht enabled) 4threads 4 cores ht off.
  6. Go on live chat with Intel (you'll need to do that anyway to get warranty RMA). I've done it once with a 2 year old G31 mobo and it was a smooth painless process.

    How much thermal paste did you use and is it possible some of it got into the socket, effectively shutting out a pin connection?
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