CM2X1024-6400 is a KIT or single? + Overclock?

Hi all,

yesterday I bought a KIT containing two Corsair, DDR2 1GB x2 sticks

1) I am pretty unsure, if this is acutally a KIT ( matched pairs ) or two individual sticks packed together?

since label on each stick reads this:
CM2X1024-6400 ver 2.8 1.90v 5-5-5-18 800MHZ 1024MB XMS2-6400

while a label at the back of kit reads this:

TWIN2X2048-6400 G

on CORSAIR site, all 2GB Kits have 'TWIN' somewhere in their part number.

Are my sticks really a paired kit, or are they individual 1GB sticks packed together?

2) What is the major benefit of a KIT over individual sticks?

3) Just for starting experiments, I am running it on DDR2 835MHZ, how far can I go for overclocking.

CPU-Z reads
DRAM freq: 416.3 MHz
5-5-5-18 52 2T

CPU-Z reads for CPU
Intel C2QUAD Q9400
clock speed: 2664.4 MHz
Multiplier x8
bus speed 333.0 MHz
rated FSB 1332.1 MHz

for now I am running my sticks at 835MHz.

4) what is that RATED FSB:...... in CPU-Z ?
5) What is usually wanted FSB:DRAM ratio ? currently it is 4:5, DRAM must stay lower than FSB, or FSB must stay lower in this ratio?

replies are appreciated and awaited

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  1. Many of us believe that the ratio should be 1:1. So with a stock FSB of 333 MHz, your memory clock should be at 667 MHz. CPUZ will indicate 333 MHz.

    By the time you push the FSB freq to 400MHz, your memory clock will be at 800 MHz.
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