Tuniq 120 Universal on AM3 or 1156?

Hey guys, I have a Tuniq 120 Universal (not extreme) and it works great on my AMD 939 processor. I am thinking about upgrading to either an i5 750 or Phenom II 965 BE. Will this cooler work on either one?

It's not a make or break situation, but I am sort of on the fence with the two processors and this could make the difference.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. the cooler should work with an AM3 mobo off the bat, though you will need to get an LGA mounting kit from the tuniq website (or a tuniq dealer) to use it with a 1156 mobo.

    i have the same cooler, and it only came with AM2/3 and LGA 775 mounting equipment, so unless they started bundling newer sets with them i imagine you will have the same.

    but tuniq definitely sell the mounting equipment separately for all mobo types.
  2. As ^ said, you need to buy this backplate: http://www.tuniq.com.tw/Cooler_Info/LGA1156-Backplate-set.htm

    Anyway you should consider buying the TOWER 120 EXTREME REV.1 . It's a better cooler and it's compatible with AM3 and LGA1156, therefore you don't need to buy any extra thing.

  3. Thanks guys! Appreciate the help.
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