I have to wait hours to power up PC after shutdown

After I switch off PC I have to wait hours (usually overnight) before PC will fully power up again. It will always switch on but never seems to reach POST and no output to screen.

ASUS P5 motherboard.
2GB corsair dominator
5 HD's, 4 as RAID
8800 GTS
OCZ power

Help..... Very wierd
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  1. Yes, very strange.

    Can you run it for hours and hours on end without a problem? It only happens after you power down? I wonder if the PSU isn't overheating after shutting off or something. Narrow it down by removing every unecessary peice that you need to POST (all but one stick of RAM, HDDs, CD, any expansion cards except for video card), and just for kicks, why not unplug all of your case buttons from the board as well and power it on with a screwdriver (be very careful, but touch the screw driver to the two power-on contacts and that will power on the machine). Make sure none of your case buttons are sticking. I fixed a machine that acted strangely like that and the power button would stick when you pushed it. So we replaced that and it worked. Just use process of elimination.
  2. Re-seat everything as well, including RAM and all power connectors.
    Five drives all spinning up at once will take a lot more juice than just keeping them spinning. What size is the PSU? Do you have any BIOS or controller option to let you stagger the drives? Do you have the option to insert a short delay to allow time for drive spin-up?
  3. Hi Guys,

    780W power supply.

    Tried with minimal kit (1 HD, 1DIMM and nothing else)

    Very consistent. Will run for hours (occasional unexplained crash when not present to see it).

    Always powers on next when I get home from work without fail and never reaches POST until several hours (overnight usually) rest.
  4. Thats wierd. Is it the same as mine.. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/258221-30-platinum-problems-help or is my problem different. But for you it could be your psu. Try calling the company who made your psu, or your computer. Not sure though.

    P.S. Whats up with my system?
  5. I have the same problem. I can use my pc normally. When I shutdown Windows XP correctly, I cannot power up it during 2 hours later. CPU fan runs, but no beep and never reach POST.

    After a night, everything is OK. My mainboard ASUS P4PE-VM. I checked RAM, PSU, HDD,... all of them is OK when I connected to another PC.

    What should I do? Thanks a lot!
  6. Glad someone else experiences this. This is exactly what happens to me. ASUS P5K. Anyone got any ideas at all ???

  7. Someone here had a similar thread just recently. His last post yesterday said it turned out to be his mobo. It was also Asus, iirc.
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