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Overclock pre built pc


I just picked up this hp 8200n and I was looking into oc'ing it...

however I can't find any options in the bios for oc'ing, so I was going to cpu-z it, but I figured the stability can't be as good... what're your opinions? and are there any other bios (updates) I can get? (doubt it) I'll tell u all the bios version 2morrow... thanks.
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  1. The CPU is ok but you have no video card there only a dedicated NVidia GeForce 6150 LE video card (with 128 MB of dedicated video memory). If you will install one it will probably void your warranty if the "box" is sealed.

    There is no problem with stability if you overclock it right.

    For what it has i would not bother trying to overclock. There is no reason to do so.

    Also for a new video card you will probably need a new power supply. ( link to the PC specks: )

    Just use it as it is. Enjoy the PC at it's speeds.
    In the future you should consider getting a PC made from parts. For that you will have to know what you are doing or ask someone. Or even better come back here on the forums and ask the community because there are so many people here that can help you make a good PC for your money.

    If you received that PC as a gift, have fun with it:).
    PS: if you want to invest some more and upgrade it let us know.
  2. Hey, I have a hd 5770 too, and I've got a 500 watt psu... I usually build my computers myself, but i received it as a gift and It out-specced my old build... next time, I'm just gonna reject the prebuilt models, because they just lack the overclocking potential of homebuilds.
  3. Well you will do fine with it if you say you have inside a HD5770. The board probably is simple so even with a bios update you will not be able to do much stuff.
    A new board might fix the issue. Also you will need a new cooler to help with the heat:).
    What brand and model is the PSU?

    I forgot to ask, at what resolution do you play or want to play your games and witch ones are we talking about?
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    Overclocking a CPU only benefits you if the CPU is maxing out before your graphics card (which you can monitor with CTRL-ALT-DEL during a game). At least one core must hit 100% before overclocking makes the slightest difference.

    My advice is to stick with what you have and play around with the graphics settings to get the best quality at a reasonably high framerate.

    Some settings drastically affect performance without much obvious difference in quality. AA, Shadows, Bloom are examples of settings to change.
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