Looking to buy WC components

I'm looking into assembling a water based cooling system and I'm willing to spend up to £200~

What I'd like to know is what are the best radiators/blocks/pumps on the market, and what are the best for my budget?

I've had a look at the Swiftech H20 220 Ultima XT, which is £190. Is this good for the price? I know kits are sorta frowned upon for being expensive or having low qaulity parts but this seems like an exception.

If I can make a better WC system for less I'd like to though.

If I were to buy the parts seperately, once they all arrived wouldn't it just be like having a kit anyway?
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  1. Good start. Please take your time. Look at the TOP of this forum. Take your time.
    Link me to your proposed seup and what your rig is. If your cooling an i7 965 at 4.3 and a 5970 no way.

    Read it all, become one with the guides.

    Take your time.

    Yes it is the same. some kits are really good but might not fit your needs.

    It all depends on your wattage requirements. I can repeat this again if you need it said again. You gave us no input on your needs.

    Understanding heatload, CPU or GPU heatoad outputs, your ambient temps, you need for quiet or noise be damned all need to be taken into consideration.

    Look at the post at the top of this forum, begin your journey. Join other forums, read lots of posts, you will have no leaks, cool temps, and be one of a very very very few.

    Did i say take your time?

    Come to OC Forums, I'm Conumdrum there too.

    We do expect you to do your homework, BEST FOR YOU.

    Took me 3 months to buy my first WC part after reading many forums. Never a leak, always perfect rigs.
  2. My proposed setup will be:

    i7 920 D0. Want to OC it as much as possible without temps going past 70 under 100% load and without my radiator being noticeably noisy
    Asus P6X58D will be my motherboard, if that makes a difference.
    and my GPU is undecided, I will be building this setup a few months from now so I'm not making a choice on it just yet, but it will be something high end like a 480 Gtx, 5870 CF or a 5970. I'm a bit worried about micro stutter too.

    I want it to be as quiet as possible. OCing it 'as much as possible' doesn't take priority over this, I want a good mix. Other components in my PC will be

    Seagate 7200.12
    Intel X25-M
    Sony 24x DVD Player

    this will all be in a Obsidian 800D btw.

    I will take my time ;p got 3 months. I'll go check out those forums later today, have to go out soon.

    I will do my homework, I would just like advice on what are good parts etc.
  3. I am looking to end up with something like this




    I suppose I could just buy what the 2nd guy posted he used, but I'm guessing he's in the USA because of the EVGA board he has.

    He also has modded his 800D case so the radiator is at the bottom, and I might not be willing to do that sort of mod.
  4. Sorry for the triple post but I can't edit my last one.

    On the first link, replace the ***** with xpus.com
  5. Not sure how much stuff costs over there but anyways. Here is my standard i7 WCing recommendation:

    Swiftech XT, HK 3.0 or EK Supreme HF
    Swiftech MCR320 or other good 320 rad
    MCP655 + micro res.
    1/2" Tygon or Primoflex LRT.
  6. I'll add to that. If you plan to cool just the CPU, shadows post is perfect.

    You get a 480 or a 5970, then you'll need a FULLY, 100% seperate loop with kinda the same stuff for the GPU. The 480 or the 5970 actually have MORE heat than the GPU.

    You want to properly watercool both? $800 US.
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