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So Im thinking about OCing my HD4870 to get a bit more juice out of it. Currently my CPU is a Phenom 9850 BE @2.9ghz which I hope isn't going to be a bottleneck when it comes to OCing this card. My PSU is a 550W Corsair PSU with 41 amps on the +12v so I'm also hoping that powering it with an OC wont be an issue.

I'll be using a stock cooler since I don't have the spare cash for a newer one. My current temps under load in a game are 51-53C. If the temps would be too high under an OC then I guess its out of the question. But if not, how fast do you think I can safely get this thing to run at?
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  1. Stock at 51-53 under load? It might not be a stock cooler.

    My 4870 runs idle at 78 - 80. Either mines busted some how or, ur running extremly cool and shouldnt have any issues
  2. Just tried under a more graphic heavy game (FO3 with texture mods) and it was up to 58C. Idle's at 48-50C. Im using HW Monitor to check my temps, so I'm pretty sure they're accurate. I'm positive it's a stock cooler. Its a Sapphire HD4870 I bought on newegg and I have never replaced the cooler.
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    Honestly hobo I think you will be fine with those temps and running that kind of hardware. I OC mine a little bit, just make sure you go to your CAT Control panel and set ur fan to spin a little faster if your still worried. I keep mine at around 40% and that will bring mine down to around 50c
  4. I already use RivaTuner and keep my fan at 50% at all times. Still too quiet for me too really notice yet keeps it cooler than it would otherwise. I suppose I'll give OCing a try then, thanks.
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