Lite On DVDRW Transfer Speed Problem

I have a Lite On DVDRW Sata Drive and when I try and transfer a dvd movie onto my hard drive the dvd drive starts fine then I have problems. The dvd drive transfer rate increases to about 8mbs then the drive just seems to stop working and I loose my transfer speed to about .04mbs. It remains at that speed and never increases again. I figured I would swap out the dvd drive and replace it with a ide dvdrw and it worked great except the transfer rate was not quite as fast, which is understandable. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be wrong with the Sata drive. Lite-On wasn't any help at all so I figured I would come here.


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  1. Try running this software.
  2. Flash to the the latest firmware.

    Could be the media non compatible or the drive detoriating.
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